Simply put, promotional products are one of the most effective and affordable ways to advertise. The longer a promotional item sticks around and gets used, the stronger the investment in the promotional item! Take a look at the video below for some impressive results from the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study from 2010.

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What makes a promotional product successful?


At $.005 in the USA, the cost per impression with promotional products is far lower than with TV, print advertising, or radio spots.

Staying Power

In the US, the average time reported for keeping a promotional product was 5.4 months.


People who replied from US and Canada reported using their promotional products 18.2 times a month, on average.


83% of responders said that they could identify the advertiser on a promotional product that they had been given.


41% of US respondants reported having a more favorable opinion of the advertiser, after receiving their promotional product.

Perceived Value

Of the people in the US who repsponded, 62% said they would pass along a promotional product to someone they know, if they did not intend to use it themselves.

We love to help our clients with tried and true items such as pens, mugs, and calendars—but we also crave the opportunity to go outside of the box! We will have more fun, and you’ll stand out that much more, which is the main goal in the first place.

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